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Interview with Anxiety Disorder (black metal, Romania)

Interview with Anxiety Disorder (black metal, Romania)

Hi man!


Can you tell us some history and information about Anxiety Disorder?

Well I think Anxiety Disorder is the 3rd project I had.

The first two have failed.
The first one ended up abandoned because I did not have trust in myself and backed off.
I've even had a project together with Kold, from Lost Inside, him being the vocalist.
We had some material and then my hard-disk broke down, with the tabs, project files, recordings, all of it… so it went down the drain again. Stupid, no?
Then I have accepted myself, lost the bad attitude and the low self esteem and created Anxiety Disorder. This "band" of mine or whatever you want to call it, it's all that I have left. It was re-born, altogether with my other failings, in 2011 and now it's starting to establish its roots. If you're wondering about the name, I will clarify.

I suffer from Anxiety Disorder and Recurrent Depressive Disorder, and have been diagnosed about 4 - 5 years ago.

So, with Anxiety Disorder I've released one album, and others will definitely come! Regardless of the cheap equipment, or equipment that I do not yet have.

This is the only thing I love doing and I am always looking for improvement.

When did you start playing and how old were you when you became interested in metal?

I bought my guitar when I was 18 – 19 years old.

I remember I worked back then and earned 130 dollars a month, plus some food stamps. The minimum salary in this piece of shit country, but I still managed to save up for an electric guitar which I really wanted.

My interest in metal began when I was 17 years old and I have listened to Burzum for the first time. It was mind blowing and a major life changing event in my life. I have listened to bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden before that (I do not really like them now). But back then I did not have much of a musical education, mainly because I did not have contact with "real" music. I did not have an internet connection until then, after that I had the chance to explore many musical genres and find out what true music and art is.

What you have musical education?

I did not take any lessons, didn't go to a music school. So I can say, none at all, regarding this matter. I am self-taught, like I am in general.
How would you describe your own style? What has the listener to expect when listening to Anxiety Disorder the first time?

I would say old-school black metal with a personal touch.

The listener should expect fragments of my heart, feelings and life experiences.

How is the music connected with the person you are? Is it a reflection of you or completely separate?

The music is definitely a mirror reflection of my self... It is who I am and what I feel.

What were your musical influences at that time? Do you still get influenced by other bands?

Hmm… influences, hard topic.
I never really thought about it, and if my music has influences or not.
If it has any, then I would say Burzum, Darkthrone, Nargaroth… I played many of their songs at first, and thus, learn. I would say that's about it…
But I do not follow any patterns or structure when I compose.

Where did you find inspirations for the lyrics?

From different emotions I go through, thoughts and events of this shitty life of mine…

Is there a message you wish to convey to the listener?

Not in particular. These are my feelings and thoughts. But I am sure there are people who can relate.

It depends on the listener I say, some will understand more than others what I am trying to express in my songs.

Say something about the future plans.

A split album with Triebgeist, Signum Aeternitas and Abglanz should come out soon.

I have already finished two songs for it.
I am also working on my next material.
Maybe I will do some covers too…
All in all, I am planning to improve, even with the sub-standard equipment that I own and afford.

What's your opinion on the BM underground of nowadays?

I am not up-to-date with bands / albums that have been released in the last 2 – 3 years, maybe even more, so I can't say. But there are a lot of good and promising underground black metal bands out there.
Of course there is a large influx of bands nowadays, not only in black metal, and sincerely I don't mind. Some are really good and some are crap. It's up to the listeners to judge and listen to what they like.
What I don't like in some bands, is their arrogance and hypocrisy. They're just posers, singing about something they don't understand but do it because it is a trend.

And many start playing music for being "cool" and "known" when they have no clue what depression and other things mean, but they still sing about them. It's plain stupid.

Fuck 'em!

What do you think about experiments in Black Metal?

It depends…

I really hate Symphonic Black Metal. For my taste, it does not fit at all…
On the other hand, I like the Post-Rock and Shoegaze borrowed elements.
Experimenting is good in black metal, as far as it doesn't drive it too far from its roots.
Even I am planning to include some Post-Rock elements in my future work.

What do you think about typical Black Metal topics like Satanism and Paganism?

There was a time when I found paganism to be interesting and have done some reading regarding it… but all in all, I am against religion, so I ended up not liking these topics at all…

Satanism, Paganism and whatever… a bunch of crap!

A funny thing is, whenever I want to listen to a new band, I do a background search of their members before listening to that band.

What do you think about the Romanian Black Metal underground and where do you see it in comparison to other countries?

To be honest, I don't listen to black metal, or any other genre from my country aside from one band (a few songs).

But I know there are a couple of bands that are really good.

What music styles, artists or albums are your favourites in private life?

I mainly listen to Black Metal, Doom Metal (sometimes Sludge, Post-Hardcore), Post-Rock, and some Thrash Metal.

As for bands: Trist, Hypothermia, Eyehategod, Mogwai, Motorhead, and many others.

Some of my favorite albums are:

Zrcadleni Melancholie - Trist

Kaffe & Blod, Kold, Skogens Hjarta – Hypothermia

V – Halmstad - Shining

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Filosofem – Burzum

Jahreszeiten, Rasluka Part II – Nargaroth

Pulver – Lifelover

Requiem Of December - Beatrik
Dark Thrones and Black Flags – Darkthrone

As your friends relate to what you're playing music?

No, most of the people I know don't care. I have none, or little support from my acquaintances.
I do not consider anyone as friend now. There is no such thing!

What activities/interests do you have besides the band?

Music of course, Nature, Fishing and playing Video Games…

Do you possess any 'religious' beliefs?


Yeah, I was raised to be religious but at some point you are capable and learn how to really use your brain (not many people do it though) and then you realize there's no use for such crap.

I am 100% anti!

I don't care about what other people do, I am passive and couldn't give a shit. I turn aggressive if someone would try to shove their shit down my throat. Everyone should just mind their own fucking business and shove their beliefs up their ass!

Do you believe in the spiritual powers? Tell me about some mystical event, which took place with you.

I do not believe in such primitive things!

Leaving the spiritual and mystic crap aside, I did experience "Sleep Paralysis" and "Hallucinations" on various occasions… because of my medication, I guess, heh…
But there's a scientific explanation for everything, if you're not retarded that is.

Your thoughts on Armageddon?

Leaving religion and myths aside, I am sure the human race will find a way to self-destruct. No need for imaginary friends (gods) for that.
And I am looking forward to it!

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?

All my questions are answered…
I have learned enough in this life and found all the answers I need.

What you're doing in your free time?

For now, all I have is free time.

Life events, anxiety and depression have destroyed me, and turned me into a vegetable. That's what I am now!

Have you seen a UFO?

I have seen objects that were not an airplane or a satellite on many occasions, but don't ask me what they were. It was nice though. I liked these experiences.

What's your favorite joke?

I do not like jokes and I haven't laughed at one for many years. Most jokes are stupid and I can't understand this need of laughing all day long. This is one thing why humans are such ignorant scum.

The best I can do is smile, but not at jokes, maybe while watching "Family Guy".
Yeah, then I smile a lot.

Lastly, your final thoughts and words to this world...

Fuck this world and most of the stupid, uneducated, scum, sub-humans with no honor and moral values. Hypocrite, ignorant sons of bitches!!!

For the other part of the population: My respects and best wishes!

Thank you for thу time...

Thank you very much for the interest!
I enjoyed your questions very much. Highly intelligent and well put.
This is actually my first interview, hope I did OK…
Excuse my English, and my grammar mistakes, if I have made any...
I am always open to discussions with intelligent people.
Until next time!

All the best!

- V. Razvan


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